Texting and Messaging

Texting and Messaging


Texting is great for the use of informal language with the use of slang and acronyms known as “text language”. Due to texts being limited to a 160 characters per text message so people began to shorten words down to avoid being charged extra as if you went over 160 characters on a single text message you would be charged for the cost of two or more text messages per single text message if you are on pay as you go. While text messaging is known to consist of informal language, it doesn’t mean everyone can understand it and many people today rarely choose to use text language as it can make you look unintelligent.

If you are texting your boss at work you would more likely use formal language rather than slang that you might use for your friends. So once again it depends who you are texting.



Texts use reception from satellites and messages uses Wi-Fi and 3G/4G to send a message.

Like texting messages can use informal language and slang. However, if you’re talking to someone you don’t know then maybe you would use slightly formal language so you don’t come across rude. There are many messaging services, but one of the most popular messaging services is what’s app and Facebook messenger. I personally use Facebook messenger instead of what’s app because more of my friends use Facebook messenger. I also use texting a lot especially with family members because you can easily make a group chat.