Internet information sharing

Internet Information sharing is when one person puts up information on the internet, this can be in the form of  anything you can upload to a computer or phone for example pictures, video and text.

Examples of internet sharing programmes are Dropbox or google drive, which allow you to share anything you want with whoever you want. These programmes allow you to choose specific people to share information with. This is a method for personal cloud storage. It is commonly referred to as a method to backup files online. However these programmes limit how much space you are allowed. If you want more space to share information you will have to pay a monthly fee which will give you lots more space. For example dropbox offer you 5GB of space free of charge. After you fill that up you have the option to delete information so it frees up your 5GB of space or you can pay £7.99 a month for 1 terabyte  of space.

Once you’ve signed into Dropbox you click the upload button at the right top of page.

It will then ask you to choose a file to upload to dropbox.

Once you’ve chosen your file it will upload it, this may take a couple of seconds or minutes depending on how big your file is.

Once you’ve selected done it will show up in your recent files.

Click on the share button besides your file. You will need the recipients email address to be able to share the file with them.

Once you’ve selected the email address of the recipient you can add a message and select share. Only the people you have chosen will be able to see the file.

The advantage of using Internet information sharing is you get to choose who you can share information with and you can send bigger files via dropbox than you can email. Dropbox is extremely convenient and easy to use.