Setting up Wordpress & Customise

To begin I went to the WordPress site and created an account where I then had to create a unique URL that hadn’t been used before. I chose

I decided to choose digicomhowto because our assignment is Using Digital communication to develop a website. I then had to confirm my email address.

After I had set up my account I went to the admin page for WordPress by adding /wp-admin to the URL of my site. I then went onto the appearance page and customised the free template “twenty eleven”.

I decided to change the layout of my blog as I wanted to make the blog feel like an informative website. To get into the appearance settings there is a tab on the left of the screen called appearance and then select customise. I decided to select one column with no side bar as this looks more like a website than a blog.

After reviewing my website I felt it needed a better header. To personalise my website I  used Adobe Illustrator. With the use of the shape tool and swirl tool I created a simple header design that looked professional enough to go on an information website. As I was experimenting with different header colours on Adobe Illustrator I uploaded 3 different types of headers. It then occurred to me that you could upload a number of headers and randomise the ones you selected. This means each time you select a new page or click a link the header image would change. I thought this option was a small but effective setting to make my website more interesting.

To make my blog feel more like a website I wanted to make a static front page instead of having my latest blog posts on the front page.  

I then chose the colour theme. I decided to choose white because my header had white throughout. There are default colours you can select or you can choose a colour from the colour wheel which gives you a lot more choice.

I think Font is really important, on a website it needs to be easy to read and titles need to be more definitive. I chose “Cinzel” as my title font in bold and “Lato” as my contents font as its not to small and is a serif font.

On certain themes you have the option of deleting the date stamp on each post, however, my theme doesn’t allow you to do this. This could be classed as a limitation as you can’t make it 100% personal.

To see how to use WordPress please visit Internet communication methods – Web blogs as I go into depth about how to create a post and page with media and hyperlinks, how to use categories, how to see comments and how to follow people.