Electronic mail is often abbreviated to e-mail. Email is a store-and-forward method of writing, sending, receiving and saving messages through computers.

An electronic mail message consists of the message header and the message body.

The message header contains the email address of the person you wish to send the email to, this can be one or more recipient addresses.

Usually additional information is added, such as a subject header field where you can give the recipient a phrase of what the email consists of.

Most email systems include a  text editor for composing messages, as you can see from the example above the second line down has different types of fonts, the size of your font, bold, underline, italics, how you want to position your text, bullet points, numbering and a option for using a indent.

You can also attach documents and pictures to your email by clicking the paperclip button. Depending what email provider you are with depends on the limit to how much data you can send.

Sent messages are stored in electronic mailboxes until the recipient fetches them. To see if you have any mail, you may have to check your electronic mailbox, although many systems alert you when mail is received.

e-mail is a low cost way to transmit messages and is usually used for professional purposes rather than social.

Even though email is a great way to communicate, there can be several disadvantages. Unwanted SPAM emails, which is form of commercial advertising. Most email servers have spam detectors which help unwanted emails go straight into your junk mailbox. llegal contents including viruses can be sent via email, this means you have to be careful opening your email and clicking on any suspicious links as this could be a scam or virus.

There are several Email platforms with lots of different controls. For certain applications you need to have certain email services. For example Youtube will only let you have a account if you have a Gmail (Google mail) account and Flickr will only let you use a yahoo email address. Here is a list of email platforms.








I personally use Outlook and iCloud because the features work best for me and I have a couple of Apple products which means my emails sync to each device quickly as iCloud is Apples email platform.


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