Business Vs Personal



The appropriate language to use in a business situation should consist of proper use of grammar and vocabulary and have no form of slang. Even slang that is widely used within the industry may not be accepted well by people outside the industry. “When in a working environment the language should be polite using words like “please and thank you” as this will form better relationships with co-workers and colleagues if you treat them respectfully.” For example writing a cover letter for a CV, you would use formal language that will make you sound articulate.




The Appropriate language to use in your own time can be as you please, you can write and talk using correct grammar and vocabulary or you can use slang when talking to friends like “u aite m8” or use acronyms like “OMG” (oh my god) and “LOL” (Laugh out loud) to represent shock or laughter. However like text messaging If you use to much slang you can come across as unintelligent.

I use slang ever so slightly when I’m in a rush and need to text someone quick I will use acronyms like “u” and “omg”. Personally I’m not great with slang so I don’t use it that much.



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