Multimedia Message Service (MMS)

MMS is a way to send a message with a video (MPEG), image (JPEG, GIF) and audio (MP3, AMIDI)


An advantage of using MMS is the message has no size limit unlike SMS messaging which is limited to 160 bytes. Also, MMS allows for more aesthetically pleasing texts

However, the effectiveness of an MMS message depends on the recipient’s phone; Pictures taken with different resolutions or dimensions may be hard to view on a different display. The sound on your recipient’s phone may not as be as clear as on your phone.

Sending and receiving MMS messages may cost more on your plan and your recipient’s plan, especially if text messages are paid per message. Costs vary depending on the cellular plan.

I use MMS all the time as I send a lot of pictures to family and friends. I also think it makes a message more interesting and people are more likely to read it and take notice of it.