World Wide Web (www) & Uniform Resource Locator (URL)


The World Wide Web (WWW or Web for short) is the part of the Internet that you can access using a web browser such as Firefox. It consists of a large number of web servers that host websites. Each website will normally consist of a number of web pages. A web page can contain text, images, video, animation and sound.

The majority of people use the world wide web including myself as it’s become part of everyone’s day to day lives.

Uniform Resource Locator URL


What is a URL and does your URL use it? This is the Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of a web page. A URL can be thought of as the “address” of a web page. For Example my URL is

A URL can contain the www. However, my URL does not contain this.

 Why doesn’t my URL use http://www.?

My URL doesn’t use www. because it has a prefix of http. This all depends on which website your hosting with and because WordPress doesn’t use www my URL won’t use it either because my URL is being redirected from WordPress. If someone was to type the internet service provider would still direct it to my page because of my domain name and the use of .com.


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