Bulletin boards

A Bulletin board is a easy way to advertise your services or what your looking for online. For example Gumtree is a bulletin board as you can advertise whatever you want on the site for a small fee of 99p.

First of all you have to say what you are wanting to post onto Gumtree by choosing from the categories listed.

Then you have to declare your location.

Then you need to write a short description letting people know what your looking for. For example I needed to find a cake decorator. You also have the option to label your post as urgent, this will put your ad at the top of the page when people search in the category that your ad is in. This feature will cost an additional £4.95.

Finally you can add a picture to compliment your advert.

Once all the details have been filled in you can proceed to paying 99p.

A advantage of a bulletin board is that anyone can see it and respond to it. Which can mean your service or question can be seen by many, so you may get a quicker response time and you may get more people wanting to use your service.


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