Web Pages


“The appropriate language convention for web pages is the correct use of tags when coding in HTML and CSS like the use of the HTML opening and closing tags. HTML tags should also be written with upper case letters e.g. HTML, BODY, ED, P and HTML attributes are written with lower case letter Values for CSS should be surrounded by single quotes, document language and element names should be in upper case letters. Document language attribute names should be in lower case letters and surrounded by double quotes.”

Web pages mostly consist of formal language. Professional websites such as News sites that provide the public with local and world headlines use formal language to provide a service to the public. It’s unusual that you’ll come across web pages that use informal language apart from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter where the use of slang and acronyms are used regularly especially on twitter due to being limited to 140 characters per tweet.

Web pages are used every day from online shopping to reading a blog. If your on the internet, you will be using a web page.


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