Adding new content

Adding content to a website is so simple as long as you know where the upload option is. There are many websites that you can upload content to, YouTube being one of the main ones.

To upload a video on to YouTube go to your home page and click the line and the arrow icon at the top right hand corner.

You will then be taken to the page below. Its your decision whether you want your video to be public or private. Then select the arrow in the middle of the page.

Youtube will then bring up your devices folders where you can choose what you would like to upload.

Once you have chosen the file to upload, the page below will appear. this is where you can put a title for your video and a description.

Depending on how big your video is depends on how long your video will take to upload. Once your video has upload to Youtube, it will give you a link as to where your video is.

When you click on the link you will be able to see your video in Youtube format.



Pinterest is a form of social media where you can pin pictures to your own personal boards. Pinterest is classed as a photo sharing website.

To upload a image onto Pinterest, select the plus button at the bottom right hand corner and click the upload pin button.

Like most websites where yo can upload content, it will bring up your files on your device. I chose a picture of a cake to upload.

Then the website will ask you where you want to pin it. As I have a board called desserts i decided to pin it to that board.

Once you’ve pinned your picture you will be able to see it in Pinterest format.

The advantage of Pinterest is that you can keep everything organized and share the things you love all in one place by creating your own board and adding pins to it. You can always go back and view your Pins whenever you want. A disadvantage is that anyone can use your pin to market something, unless you have a copyright symbol on all of your own pictures.


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